Village Roads To Be Laid With Bm & Bc

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Village Roads To Be Laid With Bm & Bc

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Village roads in Kizhakkambalam panchayath to upgrade its quality to Bitumen Macadam and Bitumen Concrete (BM & BC) standards. As part of this, Ambalapady roads have also started the tarring process. The metal was scattered several months ago, but due to some technical reasons, the tarring was delayed.

Pukkattupadi-Pallikkutti-Chiravakkadu Road, Vilangattuchira-njarallur Colony Road and Kizhakkambalam-Sreejesh Roads of Kizhakkambakam, were already tarred with BM & BC standards.

“Initially when Twenty20 implemented the widening and re-tarring of roads, a lot of opposition was there. Later on, when the residents realized the need for widening the roads, the landholders willingly gave their land”, said a Twenty20 official.

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