Kizhakkambalam: Construction of 142 anicuts completed

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Kizhakkambalam: Construction of 142 anicuts completed


Twenty20 to spend 72 crore

Twenty20 Kizhakkambalam aims to preserve water on the onset of drought and water scarcity by the construction of 142 anicuts and other water-conservation projects.

“We have cleaned and renovated wrecked streams, canals, wells and made the barren lands, fertile for cultivation”, said Sabu M Jacob, Twenty20 Chief-Coordinator

During the initial stages, water streams were cleaned using modern equipments and were secured by granite walls.

“This 42crore project helped to raise the water level of that region”, said Twenty20 officials. Anbunadu-Kadambrayar and Karukulam-Kadambrayar, a 10km and 12 km long water streams were cleansed under the supervision of Twenty20.

Also, the widening of water streams such as Urakkad-Murivilang, Thamarachal-Karukulam-Kizhakkambalam-Poyakkunnu has helped to increase water flow.

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