Anicuts To Ease Drinking Water Supply Anicuts To Cut Short Drinking Water Shortage

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Anicuts To Ease Drinking Water Supply Anicuts To Cut Short Drinking Water Shortage

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Kizhakkambalam Panchayat has come up with befitting models to cut short the drinking water scarcity and increase paddy cultivation in the state.The usage for anicuts in Kizhakkambalam for conserving water had been in use since time immemorial and it has helped in preserving fresh water and retaining ground water for cultivation. Damaged anicuts were reconstructed using tree woods and 142 such anicuts were built.

“Panchayat along with Twenty20 took up this initiative of construction of anicuts on the onset of severe heat, which helped the natives at a great extent”, said one of the farmers.

This has also resulted in maintaining the water-levels of various sources of iriigation like wells and ponds.Construction of apt anicuts aided in sustaining water levels in both paddy cultivating lands as well as land surrounding the houses.

During summer season, the severely damaged anicuts in the streams allowed the water to flow back to the tributary, Kadambrayar and nearby lakes instead of retaining as ground water. But the newly constructed anicuts preserved water and helped in agricultural activities. Such projects could be implemented in other Panchayats as well.

Twenty20 plans to clean all the wells and ponds in their forthcoming projects. Twenty20 spend more than 4 lakhs to clean and maintain Kizhakambalam Poyakunnathu Vilangattu anicut and same way Najaraloor ponds also cleaned. Due to this cleaning fountain has been increased in nearby all ponds. Because of this water scarcity has been reduced said Natives.

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