“Twenty20 Kizhakkambalam” is a charity outfit floated by the Anna-Kitex Group to effectively contribute to the social and economic development of the geography where the company operates.

Twenty20 was launched in May 2013 with an aim of transforming Kizhakkambalam into India’s first model village. In 2015 Twenty20 contested the local body elections in the Kizhakkambalam panchayat and created history by winning 17 of the 19 gram panchayat seats and two of the three ‘block panchayat’ seats with an impressive 69 percent vote share. It was the first of its kind victory in India, that too, in a politically-conscious state like Kerala.

“Twenty20” is the brainchild of Mr. Sabu M Jacob, Chairman and Managing Director of Kitex, to fulfil the wishes of his father Mr. M.C. Jacob, who always used to tell him and his brother that their neighbourhood and village should prosper along with their business and families. Sabu has envisioned transforming Kizhakkambalam into the smartest and the best governed village by the year 2020.

Amongst the many initiatives, “Twenty20” is chiefly focused on Food and nutrition security, Education, Housing and Sanitation, Healthcare, Mother and Child care, Roads and Infrastructure, Drinking water, Farming and Ground water conservation.

In India, it is mandatory to spend 2% of a Company’s net profit on CSR but Kitex has been spending more than 6% of its net profits for Kizhakkambalam through Twenty20 Kizhakkambalam. During 2016-2017, the company spent 6, 09, 41,516 though the mandatory CSR contribution was only 2,67,27,184.