By admin / January 9, 2020

The year of Twenty20

One milestone after another, we are well on our way.

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By admin / December 9, 2019

Livestock entrepreneurship by Twenty20 – Self-employment with a difference

The options are lucrative, sustainable and environmentally aligned. ‘Self-employment’ is the buzzword today. Governments, lending institutions, skilling agencies are all...

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By admin / September 28, 2019

Building them homes, furthering their dreams

Having own home is more than a roof over the head – it is about daring to dream new as...

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By admin / September 21, 2019

Swamps to ponds – How Twenty20 transforms landscapes

While sprawling marshy areas in Kizhakkambalam get a makeover to spanking new ponds, it is not just the landscape that...

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By admin / September 20, 2019

White goods at half price: A Twenty20 gift for Kizhakkambalam residents

The first phase of this windfall includes scooters, washing machines, LED televisions, mobile phones and iron boxes. The timing couldn’t...

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By admin / April 30, 2019

In this village droughts are a thing of the past

India is in the throes of one of the harshest summers ever. As per the data released by the Indian...

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By admin / January 31, 2019

Kerala flood: Relief, revival and reconstruction

As normalcy returns to the state in slow but steady steps after the devastating floods a few months ago, relief and reconstruction work by Twenty20 continues unabated.

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By admin / January 23, 2019

God’s Villa – Twenty20 redefines the ‘laksham veedu’

The transformation from kutcha houses in squalid surroundings to homes to be proud of – Twenty20 raises the bar for mass housing programmes.

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By admin / January 16, 2019

Kamal Haasan does his legendary homework with Twenty20

Not many know that the superstar spent time learning about food security before he inaugurated the housing project.

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