White goods at half price: A Twenty20 gift for Kizhakkambalam residents

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White goods at half price: A Twenty20 gift for Kizhakkambalam residents

The first phase of this windfall includes scooters, washing machines, LED televisions, mobile phones and iron boxes.

The timing couldn’t have been better. With the economy sluggish and the job market not really looking up, people all over the country have pared down their demands, expectations even. But for the residents of Kizhakkambalam in Kochi suburbs of Kerala, the announcement made by Twenty20 has become ample reason for cheer. The development initiative of the Anna Kitex Group recently inaugurated its ‘Home Appliances Project’ under which all household items – both white and brown goods – will be given to the residents at half the market rate.

Reason to cheer: Twenty20 chief coordinator Sabu Jacob distributing the first lot of goods.

“These goods are important for families to optimise time,” said Sabu Jacob, chief coordinator of Twenty20 while officially announcing the project and distributing the first lot of goods. “The time they save can in turn be used for other lucrative employment or profitable pursuits.” The project which has been deemed an enabler for women in the economically backward families of Kizhakkambalam is carried out the support of Kudumbashree which is also the world’s largest women empowerment programme.

While the beneficiary will pay only half the price of the item, that too at interest-free 36 instalments, Twenty20 will foot the rest of the bill along with the interest. Thus, for an item that costs Rs 10,000, what the family is required to pay is only Rs 138 every month. The white and brown good distribution will be carried out in phases with the first phase covering washing machine, scooter, LED television, iron box and mobile phones. “The focus of the programme is of course the most economically backward people, to enable them to come up in life,” said Sabu Jacob.

The lucky people: Residents of Kizhakkambalam at the announcement and distribution ceremony.

The ultimate goal is the vision of Twenty20 itself which is the systematic and sustainable upliftment of every aspect of an individual’s life for the growth of the nation. While the housing project of Twenty20 will ensure that everyone in Kizhakkambalam live in pucca, vastu-compliant houses, this will see to it that the houses are equipped with every modern amenity for joyful, productive living.


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