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Twenty 20 to compete in Chalakkudy

Chalkkudy constituency will witness a tough contest between Twenty 20 and LDF- UDF in the upcoming Parliamentary election. Twenty 20 Chief coordinator, Sabu M Jacob announced their participation during the Hi power executive convention held at Kizhakkambalam, yesterday.

Twenty 20’s participation and their influence in Kizhakkambalam Panchayath have stunned both parties. In the last Panchayath election, Twenty 20 candidates won in 17 out of 19 wards in Kizhakkambalam Panchayath. With this, the Left-Right local leaderships in Kizhakkambalam Panchayath were also held.

Twenty 20 has initiated various projects for the development of Kizhakkambalam Panchayath. The local body has expended crores to upgrade the standard of living of people in the Panchayath. The food security market in Kizhakkambalam has vanished the scarcity of food, which is been agreed by the opposition leaders too. Eminent personalities and various other political parties have visited Kizhakkambalam to learn and implement the unique model of Twenty 20 initiatives.

Twenty 20’s initiatives in the Kizhakkambalam Panchayath has made the people allied themselves to Twenty 20 leaving Left Right Front. Sabu M Jacob, Managing Director of Kitex group and Bobby M Jacob Managing Director of Anna Group are coordinating the activities of Twenty20.

The competition between Twenty 20 candidates along with LDF- UDF candidate in Chalakkudy clearly shows that there will not be any majority in Chalkkudy.

Also, eighty percentages of Voters in Kizhakambalam Panchayath are the members of Twenty 20 local body.