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Kizhakkambalam secured from Floods


This time, water has not raised in many places in the Kizhakkamablam Panchayat limits where water was flooded even by little rain. The troughs and large streams of the region under the leadership of T20 were diluted, and the water flow in the streams increased. The locals say that this time there was no water in the flooded areas like Murivilang, Kizhakkambalam angadi, Karukulam.

The Cleaning activities of streams using the foreign machinery in Ambunaad, Oorakkad, Thamarachaal, Kizhakkambalam, and Karukulam were even more helpful. The streams around 10 km of Ambunaad – Kadamprayaar, 12 km of Kaarukulam – Kadamprayaar were also cleaned up. This led to the widening of Urakkad-Muruvilangadu, Thamarachal-Karukulam-Kizhakkambalam-Poyykunnam streams. The Panchayat undertakes the protection of the streams by constructing walls around the streams was also helpful.

With the completion of the construction of the Kettiyar troughs, the 100 acres of paddy field in Makinikkara, Karaukulam and Urakaddu have been harvested. So far, Rs. 1 crore 28 lakh has been spent on the cleaning and 88 lakhs for the maintenance and construction of protection walls for streams said Sabu M. Jacob, Chief Coordinator of Twenty20.