Our unique initiative is to develop Kizhakambalam as model village in 2020. Making of a model village entails ensuring self-reliance in all aspects viz., education, health care and family welfare, infrastructure, agriculture and watershed management, and working towards sustainable livelihood patterns.Fundamentally, we ensure that their development reaches a stage wherein Twenty20 take over the complete responsibility.



Ente Veedu (House For All): program surges forward with a mission that not a inhabitant of the Kizhakkambalam panchayat should suffer from homelessness. Identification of the poor and needy though detailed analysis, Twenty20 built houses for the homeless, as well as renovates the existing houses which suffers financial crisis.

Adequate housing is indispensable to improve the living and working conditions among the poor and low income groups. Without this, families and entire generations are condemned to low education, health and vicious poverty cycles. This program surges forward with a mission that not a inhabitant of the Kizhakkambalam panchayat should suffer from homelessness. Identification of the poor and needy though detailed analysis, Twenty20 built houses for the homeless, as well as renovates the existing houses which suffers financial crisis.

COLONY RESTORATION: Sometimes restoration of existing houses is not enough and whole residential areas have to be renovated by razing existing structures and building new houses. Ente Veedu has recently undertaken the rebuilding of the LakshamVeedu Colony populated largely by low income group families. This mega project is expected to benefit hundreds of people who have been living in dilapidated houses for decades.

NEW CONSTRUCTIONS: Since the inception of Twenty20 in 2013, around 500 houses have been constructed under the Ente Veedu Programme. A total of Rs 320 million has been spent on building these new houses. 750-600sqt houses have 2 rooms, hall and a kitchen. modern facilities like European closets, sink, light and basic accessories were also provided.

RENOVATION OF EXISTING HOUSES: There are a large number of houses in the village in utter state of neglect where the inhabitants are financially unable to undertake any repair work. This poses serious physical threats to not just the family under the roof but others as well. The houses chosen for renovation work under Ente Veedu are allocated Rs 400,000 as well as the services of competent engineers and contractors.


FOOD SECURITY: Ensuring food and nutrition security has always been a daunting challenge for the governments from time to time. Twenty20 has successfully addressed this issue. The well-established BAKSHYA SURAKSHA MARKET (FOOD SECURITY MARKET) housed in a 40,000 sq feet building sells vegetables, groceries, food items and other essential requirements at 50% less than the market price. During festive seasons when the prices of vegetables, fruits and other groceries skyrocket, Twenty20 provides these essential necessities at a 50 -70% discount. This is done by procuring the produce directly from farmers at a fair price without involving middle men. Both the farmers and the public are benefited by this.


AMBULANCE SERVICE: Twenty20 with support of Kitex have initiated 24*7 ambulance service project to provide quality and timely emergency medical services to the people living in remote and inaccessible geographies in Kizhakambalam. Presently having two well-equipped ambulance in Kizhakambalam to service the localities. The ambulance, equipped with semi-advanced life equipment’s, will be supporting the natives 24*7 and is being operated with the help of Twenty20. Twenty20 organizes regular health camps; distribute free medicine and financial support, hospitalization and surgery for the needy.

MARRIAGE ASSISTANCE FOR GIRLS: Twenty 20 has been constantly extending financial assistance to young women, especially the daughters of widows, remarriage of widows  and girls from backward families who are getting married .Marriage of daughters is an expensive affair and there are certain norms which have to be followed for social acceptance. Due to financial constraints, very often, the families with low incomes are at a dead-end when the marriage of their daughters comes up. Twenty20 has always directly meet the expenses of marriage, jewelry etc. Currently Supported 143 family to build a better family life.


AGRICULTURE: Twenty20 aims at supporting the farmers to increase their productivity by providing them the latest development in agriculture. If necessary inputs like quality hybrid seeds, fertilizers, agricultural implements etc. are also provided. In addition to this fertilizer/crop demonstrations are conducted to show the effectiveness of scientific practices to the farmers

Reviewing Twenty20's achievements, the organization claims to have converted large parts of barren land which comes under Kizhakkambalam panchayat into arable land. Crops like paddy, coconut, banana, nutmeg, tamarind and various other vegetables are grown in these lands. About 500 acres of land is engaged for paddy cultivation. Various machines have been imported for agricultural purposes in order to produce a good yield. To promote organic farming, grow bags of different seeds are distributed. Malsya Gramam Project and Adu Gramam Projects are also initiated by Twenty20, through this initiative; the households of the panchayat are self-sustaining.


SWAYAMTHOZHIL PADHATHI: Twenty 20 High power committee Convention 2018 has decided to implement self-employment schemes to increase household income. Projects that cover cow, rabbits, Buffalo, Folk poultry, fish rearing, vegetable farming and jasmine cultivation are benefiting over 4500 families. It has also been decided to plant mango, rambutan, papaya, and plum etc. Twenty20 Chief Coordinator Sabu M. Jacob said that through the self-employment projects Kizhakambalam native households can earn Rs 8000 to Rs 12000 per month and an amount of Rs 61.44 crore would be earned collectively by them annually at Kizhakamabalam.


EDUCATION: is the backbone of every society in this world. But what matters the most is the quality education- a dream for many.

Twenty20 seeks to provide quality education, training and skill enhancement to improve the quality of living and livelihood. Many contributions have been made by Twenty 20 in the field of education by distributing School bags and uniforms to 2300 students. Around 12 lakhs were spent for the education of 312 children from economically unstable families. In order to improve the quality in teaching and learning modern amenities are provided by the organization. A new school bus has been provided to two Schools in the panchayath. They also give importance on educating girls.


ANTI-ALCOHOL MOVEMENT: A campaign by Twenty20 to close the lone liquor outlet in the panchayat was one of the eye-catching one.

Alcohol addiction is a disease that affects people of all walks of life. In fact, Kerala has earned the tag of India's "booziest state", with the highest per capita consumption of liquor in the country. Twenty20 promised to make Kizhakkambalam an alcohol free village. This was the main offer of the organization during the election campaign in November, 2015. And they kept their word by closing down the only Beverage outlet available in this area and around 50 drug addicts have been back to normal life by giving treatments and awareness by Twenty20.


MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: is provided for many families in the panchayath. Medical camps are conducted on a regular basis and surgeries are sponsored for the poor. Food and medicines are provided for 92 poor families every month. Free dialysis and transportation facilities have been provided for 12 kidney patients. Twenty20 conducts regular medical camps in the village by taking mobile medical units and providing ambulance service and when required, major surgeries are also sponsored for financially backward people. It provides free food and medicines to 92 poor families every month. Free dialysis services and transportation facilities are provided to people suffering from renal conditions.

MOTHER AND CHILDCARE: According to experts, the pregnancy time of mother and child are the most important. It is during this window of time that poor nutrition can affect health, cognitive development, educational achievement and ultimately future economic opportunities. Without proper nutrition, 200 million children never reach their growth and development potential. So we are providing Special contribution to the eradication of Malnutrition by giving nutrition rich food to pregnant ladies and children below 5 years.



GROUND WATER CONSERVATION: To prevent the water scarcity in future Twenty 20 has implemented Bore Well construction and well recharging. Generally the bore well is constructed for drinking water requirements but here rain water and extra water from the riverbeds were brought to the soil through these wells. Well recharging is a method where water moves downward from surface water to groundwater which will increase the water level and prevent water scarcity in future.

Canal renovation projects focuses on the renovation of all canals in the Kizhakkambalam panchayat. Twenty20 has initiated dredging of all canals in and around Kizhakkambalam by removing accumulated wastes and thereby making it useful for the agriculture and drinking. The company has constructed check dams, farms ponds, 290 wells (some are under construction) and identified 510 wells for the purpose of maintenance in the last year. It has also budgeted for side protecting of canal for safe drinking water.


ROADS AND INFRASTRUCTURE: Twenty20 has focused its energies on the development of basic infrastructure. A huge project has been initiated to widen all roads in the village by procuring land and constructing compound walls for all households.  One of the current ongoing projects is the provision of free Wi-Fi access to the entire village. 


DRINKING WATER PROJECT: Kizhakkambalam once faced a severe shortage of drinking water. To tackle this, Twenty20 started a scheme to provide drinking water to all households in the area by constructing new and renovating the existing wells and giving new pipe connections for the natives. The aim of the initiative is to construct 5200 wells by the year 2020.


ROAD CONSTRUCTION: Residents of Kizhakkambalam have been bearing the brunt of potholed roads for the past couple of years. But after the entry of Twenty20, They started to manage the development, construction and maintenance of roads in Kizhakkambalam for the betterment of the society. Aim at building better way of transportation Twenty20 take part in widening 12.5 meters of roads with BMBC taring. And recently, The Union Minister Nithin Gadkari sanctioned ₹42 crore from the Central Road Fund for the development of roads in the package of two proposals submitted by Twenty20 Kizhakkambalam. The roads include those from Kizhakkambalam to Perumbavoor; Vazhakulam to Karukkulam, and Thadiyittaparambu to Valavukode.

STREET LIGHTS: Twenty20 construct street lights for the panchayat. There is a team to check the proper working of the lights and repairing the compliant within 24 hours. Presently 3000 Led lamp has been built for Kizhakambalam and having a vehicle with full set of mechanical tools to check the functioning of street lights.

CLEAN KIZHAKKAMBALAM: As Village become over-crowded, the infrastructure and other facilities provided by the State and Municipal Corporations become inadequate to handle the load. One such area where public co-operation is required is in efficient waste disposal and maintenance of a clean environment. The benefits of a green and clean city are better health, environment and quality of life for all its citizens. Twenty 20 Kizhakamabalam organized ‘Clean Kizhakamabalam’ project to promote and educate the youth and other members of Kizhakamabalm about the health hazards of ineffective waste management and techniques of effective waste disposal. Twenty 20 practices the native to clean the environment twice in a month by 250 group of people.